Backyard Oasis Build-outs will Continue to Buck Real Estate Slowdown Into 2023

Backyard Oasis Build-outs will Continue to Buck Real Estate Slowdown Into 2023

Desire for a backyard oasis experience has not waned during the second half of 2022 

DALLAS, TX (Nov 2022) - While the second half of 2022 brought ended the residential real estate boom spurred by the COVID pandemic, demand for backyard respites and redefined pool experiences has continued to grow, according to data from Dallas-based Selah Pools & Spas.  

The company reported that Q3 2022 was their strongest quarter on record and that the combined Q3 and Q4 2022 numbers would exceed Q1 and Q2 totals. However, the trend is the exact opposite of the overall metrics of the residential real estate market, which showed a definitive slowdown in sales and increased inventory during the second half of 2022. 

“We believe that the ship has sailed on the trend for expanded outdoor experiences, particularly at the luxury home level,” said Tom Morris, CEO of Selah Pools & Spa. “Our average unit price is up over 20%, year-over-year, and that has more to do with people enhancing their experience than increased construction costs. Clients want to enjoy and immerse themselves in a complete outdoor experience.”  

Additional trend data from Selah’s internal study includes the following:  

  • Clients continue to request enhanced outdoor oasis-like environments for their homes, along with furthering their personal wellness options 
  • There is a value-add component, as homeowners have “discovered” that upgrading their backyard experience is a great way to increase the value of their residences 
  • The ‘renewal’ aspect grew during 2022, as clients made decisions to expand the amenities of their ‘forever homes,’ often investing more than $300,000 in renovations, remodeling, and customizations of their outdoor environments 
  • As with most new residential construction, contemporary designs rule the day; from sleek pool designs to high-end outdoor kitchen and enclosure amenities, the desire for modern outpaced traditional design on a three-fold basis 
  • Selah’s Ai-inspired design technologies have expedited the decision-making process for most owners, avoiding the more traditional, arduous back-and-forth process that frequently comes with costly revisions 

“The COVID pandemic forced homeowners to realize that they have thousands of square feet of living space outside their homes that can be transformed into a true experience,” added Rudy Flores, co-Founder and Lead Designer for Selah. “We are also seeing a desire for backyard creations inspired by destinations such as Thailand, Bali, and other truly exotic settings.” 

“There is now a myriad of unique options available, and more offerings are being added daily, allowing homeowners to make enhancements that are the equivalent of a luxury home addition,” concluded Morris. “We recognize that the desire for these expanded backyard experiences will continue to grow.” 


About Selah Pools & Spas 

From conception to completion, Selah Pools & Spas delivers custom residential and commercial swimming pools, spas, and outdoor structures and experiences. The company’s proprietary Ai technology allows it to speed up the design process exponentially while its construction team delivers first-in-class service and results. For additional information, visit

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