Outdoor Water Features

Features and accents around your pool can range from simple to grand. When Selah designs, we’ll show you all the possibilities including sound & light effects that bring your dream to life.

Water Features

Features abound and creativity will soar, just add water…

Your design is coming together. The team at Selah is guiding you through the big picture. Now it’s time to add life to your vision with custom-designed water features.

So many great things come to life when we design with features in mind. Our design consultants will help walk you through your choices and explain all the benefits, including sounds, app controls, and LED lighting options.

See why Selah is the right choice for you.

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See why Selah is the right choice for you.


A waterfall combines classic Mediterranean and tropical visions in your build. The look is upscale, but the “volume control” is a star. Control your experience with our app to dial up the sounds of nature.

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Waterfall Water Features
Stone Waterfall Water Features
Pool Waterfall Water Features


Freestanding or integrated with your pool design, water fountains are literal art works we’re happy to design for your dream.

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Water Features Rockwall
Fire Fountain Water Features
Pool Fountain Water Features


Sometimes it's nice to hide out from the sun, and other times it's just fun to have a hideout. Natural stone grottos bring shade and a little space for private moments.

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Grotto Water Features


From simple to a mega rock slide, Selah will tailor this fun feature for your home and family.

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Water Features Slides

Outdoor Showers

Simple to exotic invoking a tropical retreat, a private outdoor shower belongs in any pool backyard.

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Outdoor Shower


Small or big, ponds add a lovely charm to any backyard.

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Water Features Ponds

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