Cold Weather Pool Protection

Cold Weather Pool Protection Tips

Hello from Selah! Let’s talk about our Texas freeze that comes & goes.

Your pool equipment is equipped with a freeze guard! Yay! But we need to remember the following when temperatures drop below freezing:

If it weren’t for the 2021 freeze, this wouldn’t feel so important, but a freeze is an “act of God” not covered by the equipment manufacturers warranty; so, we need to work together to keep your pool and equipment working properly!

Here are things you can do to avoid freeze related repairs and replacements:

Keep your system running 24/7

This may be counter-intuitive to some, but you should run your pool filtration pump and any auxiliary pumps the entire time the temperature is below freezing. Some systems have a freeze guard (or freeze protector) which automatically triggers the pump when the temperature hits between 36-38°F. But sometimes, sunlight can warm up the thermostat and accidentally shut it off. If you remove the clasps that trip the timers or click it over to service mode, the pumps should stay on. Or of course, if you have automation, it’s just a touch of your handy app to start up your equipment.

Don't let your water level drop

In many homes, the swimming pool is within eyesight of the backyard, so it’s easy to see when the water is down. But for others, the swimming pool is out of view. If you don’t have a water timer or refill mechanism, make sure your pool stays full because your equipment can freeze if air gets through the skimmers and into the system.

Don't cover your pool heater with insulation or a blanket

Why? Two main reasons. It could accumulate moisture which can corrode the heater’s interior parts causing the coils inside to deteriorate or the burner compartment in the gas heater to rust. The heater could turn on by itself or someone unfamiliar with your pool could turn it on accidentally while the cover is still on. The heat pump needs proper airflow over the coils. Without allowing fresh air in and flue gases out, the equipment won’t operate properly and become damaged which could cause an expensive repair, or worse.

If the power goes out and your pool system stops running:

  • Cut off the power to your equipment from the circuit breaker.
  • If your air bleed valve is frozen, open it up by melting the ice with warm water.
  • Remove all drain plugs and drain the water from the pump and heater and store them inside the pump basket. Then just place the lid over the pump basket, but don’t lock it down.
  • If you have a chlorinator, remove the tubing and lid.
  • Open all your valves or adjust your 3-way valve to allow water through to all pipes back into the pool. If you can’t drain your pipes, try protecting them with electrical heat strips from a hardware store.

Please don’t ignore your pool in the fall and winter months just because you’re using it less. You can treat your pool with chemicals less frequently than you would in warm weather. But be sure to clean it regularly—especially if leaves are falling in and around your pool. This will keep your circulation system moving and is important when the weather gets cold.

Or call Omega Pool Services | (817) 612-4827, to keep your investment clean & pure, all year long.

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