In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools: Which Is the Best Investment?

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools

Imagine a hot summer day, and you're contemplating the ultimate backyard renovation—a swimming pool. But where do you start?

Let’s dive into your choices…

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In-Ground vs.
Above-Ground Pools:
Which Is the Best Investment?

-    In-ground pools, the epitome of luxury and customization, promise to transform your backyard into a personal oasis.
-    Above-ground pools, on the other hand, offer a practical and flexible solution for those seeking a splash of fun without commitment.

So, are you ready to dive deeper into the world of pools and discover which one will make a splash in your backyard?

Here’s your deep dive into the subject matter, with some valuable insights...

Good Vibes In-Ground v Above-ground


Thinking about adding a pool to your home? It's more than just a stylish addition—it's about creating a hub for health, family, and a whole new way of living. In this guide, we'll navigate the waters of "In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools: Which Is the Best Investment?" to help you make a splash with your decision.

We'll dive into the long-term benefits of each pool type, weigh the costs, and see how they fit into your lifestyle. By the end, you'll be equipped to choose a pool that complements your home's outdoor space and promises endless fun. Ready to take the plunge? Let's explore the details to make sure your pool choice is a winner.

Selecting the perfect pool for your home balances needs, budget, and usage plans. In-ground pools are the go-to for those seeking a permanent fixture, ready to invest in a custom design that seamlessly blends with their home's aesthetic. With limitless shapes, sizes, and exciting features like water features and slides, they're the hallmark of a tailored backyard retreat.

Above-ground pools, meanwhile, offer a budget-friendly and quick-setup alternative for those testing the waters of pool ownership. Their ease of installation and the option to dismantle them if you relocate or revamp your backyard make them an adaptable choice.

In the following sections, we'll discuss each pool type in greater detail, helping you decide which one will best suit your home's outdoor haven and your family's leisure needs. Whether you envision grand pool parties or a serene escape, we're here to guide you to the pool that offers the best value for your investment.

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The basics for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools

When it comes to choosing a pool, it's a tale of two types: the enduring in-ground and the versatile above-ground.

In-Ground Pools: These are the quintessential choice for those looking to make a permanent splash. They offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to tailor every curve and feature to your heart's desire. Picture a backyard masterpiece, complete with infinity edges that blend into the horizon or intricate tile mosaics that tell a story. The investment is significant, but the result is a personal paradise that's all your own.

Above-Ground Pools: For those who prioritize flexibility and cost-effectiveness, above-ground pools are the answer. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all; today's above-ground pools boast an array of designs that can elevate your outdoor space without draining your wallet. They're perfect for pool enthusiasts who aren't ready for a lifelong commitment, offering the freedom to change your mind—and your backyard—as life unfolds.

Both pool types come with their own set of advantages, and the best choice depends on your individual needs, budget, and backyard aspirations. As we wade further into this topic, we'll provide you with the insights you need to determine which pool will make the biggest splash for your home.

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Backyard Renovation:
Creating Your Families Oasis

Transforming your backyard with a pool is akin to adding a vibrant extension to your home. It's not merely a pool—it's an all-encompassing outdoor sanctuary, a fusion of living room, kitchen, gym, and wellness retreat. An in-ground pool is more than a place to swim; it's a versatile paradise that can effectively extend your home's living space by leaps and bounds.

Such a renovation invites many opportunities for social gatherings, serene relaxation, and active living. It's a lifestyle elevation that augments your home's market value and enriches your daily experiences. Picture yourself hosting lively poolside cookouts, indulging in tranquil float sessions on lazy Sundays, or kick-starting your day with invigorating laps—all within the sanctuary of your own backyard.

Above-ground pools also play a role in this lifestyle enhancement, offering a flexible and non-permanent solution for those who prefer a less fixed option. They carve out a niche for entertainment and relaxation that can evolve with your family's dynamic needs, ensuring your home remains a haven for fun.

A pool is indeed more than a mere body of water—it's a commitment to your home's adaptability and allure, guaranteeing a future filled with laughter and a substantial expansion of your living quarters. As we continue our journey, we'll dive deeper into the pool options that best suit your vision for an expansive outdoor retreat.

Piggy Bank In-Ground v Above-ground (Small)Financial Considerations:
In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools

Delving into pool ownership's financial depths reveals differences between in-ground and above-ground options. In-ground pools are akin to the luxury SUVs of backyard transformations, with costs typically ranging from $35,000 to $100,000 or more. These figures can vary based on location and personal preferences, but they reflect the investment in a custom-crafted oasis—complete with ongoing maintenance to keep your paradise pristine.

Above-ground pools, in contrast, are the family-friendly minivans of the pool world, offering a more economical entry point with prices between $1,000 to $15,000. While they may not elevate your property value, they're a smart investment in family entertainment and lifestyle enhancement, providing a substantial return on enjoyment.

Whether you're poised to make a splash with a significant home upgrade or prefer to start with a smaller splash, both in-ground and above-ground pools promise to infuse your backyard with joy, relaxation, and a touch of opulence. As we continue to navigate the waters of pool selection, we'll provide further insights to help you anchor the perfect aquatic addition to your home's outdoor sanctuary.

Happines Scale In-Ground v Above-ground (Medium)

Happiness Scale:
Homeowner Satisfaction

On the Happiness Scale, in-ground pools are making waves, with homeowners diving into a sea of contentment. These pools are more than a luxurious feature; they're the heart of family entertainment and a canvas for cherished memories. The allure of an in-ground pool lies in its ability to transform any backyard into a healthful and exclusive retreat, elevating homeowner satisfaction to new heights.

Above-ground pools, too, are riding the tide of approval. They offer a swift and jubilant solution to hosting the ultimate pool party without the commitment of a permanent fixture. For families with young adventurers, an above-ground pool is a convenient and safe playground that promises endless fun and grows with your family's needs.

Whether you choose an in-ground pool's enduring charm or an above-ground pool's cheerful adaptability, both promise to fill your backyard with laughter and leisure. As we wade further into this journey, we'll explore how these pools can become a beloved addition to your home, ensuring your backyard oasis remains a source of joy for years to come.

Crystal Clear In-Ground v Above-ground (Medium)

Crystal Clear:
The Healthy, Happy Pool Owner’s Guide

In the realm of pristine waters, in-ground pools reign supreme, boasting advanced water circulation and purification technology. It's akin to having a dedicated robotic caretaker tirelessly working to ensure your swim is as invigorating as immaculate. With an in-ground pool, peace of mind comes standard, and crystal-clear fun is a given.

Above-ground pools, while simpler, still offer a clear path to clean and safe waters. They may require a bit more hands-on attention, but that's all part of the charm of pool ownership. Embrace your inner pool scientist and revel in the satisfaction of maintaining your own aquatic playground. And remember, simplicity in design often translates to straightforward care.

Whether you're drawn to the effortless elegance of an in-ground pool or the hands-on appeal of an above-ground one, both choices lead to a refreshing oasis that's secure, sanitary, and enjoyable. As we continue our journey, we'll ensure your pool remains a bastion of health and happiness, free from uninvited guests of the non-human variety.

Regional Trends In-Ground v Above-ground

Regional Trends:
Climate, and Personal Preferences

In sun-drenched states like Florida and Texas, an in-ground pool is almost a rite of passage. It's the perfect complement to these healthy climates, offering a refreshing respite that's as much a part of the home as the patio or garden. These pools are the cornerstone of a perpetual vacation vibe, transforming any backyard into a sun-soaked retreat.

Conversely, in the seasonally shifting landscapes of New York and Ohio, an above-ground pool is a smart choice. It's the ideal seasonal feature, providing a cool haven during the balmy months and gracefully bowing out when winter's chill rolls in.

Regardless of your zip code, there's a pool that's tailored to your region's climate, your community's culture, and your personal taste. As we continue to navigate the pool selection process, we'll ensure your choice fits your home's geographical personality and aligns with your individual style, guaranteeing a perfect match for your personal oasis.

The Customizable Classic In-Ground v Above-ground

In-Ground Pools:
The Customizable Classic

An in-ground pool is not just a luxury; it's a blank canvas awaiting your creative touch. It's an opportunity to extend the elegance of your home into the great outdoors, crafting a fluid transition from your living room to a liquid lounge. With an in-ground pool, you're not merely adding a place to swim—you're infusing your property with a charm that reflects your unique style and sophistication.

Above-ground pools, while less customizable, still offer a swift and straightforward path to summer enjoyment. They may stand out rather than blend in, but they serve as a testament to practicality and convenience, providing a refreshing escape without the permanence of their in-ground counterparts.

Whether your vision is to make a design statement that echoes your home's architecture or you're in search of a simple splash solution for the warmer months, there's a pool out there that will meet your desires and enhance the appeal of your abode. Let's continue to ride the wave of positivity as we explore the exciting possibilities your new pool will bring.

Convenience V Value Mower In-Ground v Above-ground

Convenience Vs. Value

Above-Ground Pools: The Convenient Choice Above-ground pools are the embodiment of convenience and affordability. They arrive in a variety of pre-set shapes and sizes, offering a straightforward solution for those seeking a no-frills addition to their backyard. These pools are akin to a pop-up oasis, ideal for a refreshing dip during the summer months. While they may not be a permanent landscape feature, they provide a hassle-free option for seasonal enjoyment and casual gatherings.

An In-Ground Pool: When Home Value Matters In-ground pools, crafted by esteemed designers, are the epitome of a custom-made family retreat. They're designed to echo the homeowner's personal flair and the architectural grace of their residence. As a lasting enhancement to your property, in-ground pools offer more than a cooling haven—they serve as a harmonious extension of your indoor living space, merging effortlessly with your home's overall design.

Regardless of your preference, there's a pool that will cater to your needs and amplify the beauty of your home. Let's continue to ride the wave of enthusiasm as we delve into the array of pool options that promise to introduce a splash of elegance and enjoyment to your dwelling

Making the Right Choice In-Ground v Above-ground

Making the Right Choice for Your Home:
A Strategic Investment

In today's world, where health, wellness, and privacy are paramount, the decision to install a pool in your backyard transcends aesthetics and leisure—it's a profound step towards nurturing family self-care. An in-ground pool, in particular, stands out as a sanctuary for well-being, offering a private haven for relaxation and rejuvenation away from the public eye.

Opting for an in-ground pool as part of an outdoor renovation is not just a sound choice—it's a strategic investment in your family's health and happiness. It provides a secure environment for your loved ones to unwind, stay active, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water, all within the comfort of your own property. In these challenging times, an in-ground pool eliminates the need to frequent public pools, ensuring your family's safety and peace of mind.

When you choose an in-ground pool, you're choosing a lifestyle that prioritizes health, wellness, and the priceless value of privacy. It's a decision that reflects a commitment to creating a personal retreat where your family can thrive, shielded from the outside world. As you contemplate the right pool for your home, consider how an in-ground pool can be a cornerstone of your family's self-care routine, offering a blend of luxury, security, and health benefits that are more important now than ever.

By the numbers...
In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools:
Which Is the Best Investment?

Above-Ground Pools: An above-ground pool typically costs between $1,600 to $7,500 with installation, with the pool itself usually ranging from $800 to $4,500 and labor averaging $800 to $3,000. However, it's important to note that above-ground pools often come without warranties or guarantees, which could impact long-term value and cost considerations.

In-Ground Pools: In-ground pools can add significant value to your home, particularly in warmer climates like Texas or Florida. The cost for installing an in-ground pool varies widely, with the national average around $65,000. Prices can range from $80 to $250 per square foot (including installation), or $25,000 to over $100,000 in total. While fiberglass and vinyl are more cost-effective, concrete pools with "Gunite" construction offer the longest lifespan, often lasting for decades.

Fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools are the cheaper in-ground options, but they don't last as long as concrete. Concrete in-ground pools with a Gunite type of dry-mix shotcrete made with reinforced bar steel (rebar) and fine Portland cement are the most extended-lifespan materials that can form a pool shell that lasts decades.

Some of these figures from data provide a snapshot of the financial considerations when choosing between an above-ground and an in-ground pool. The decision ultimately hinges on your immediate and long-term financial goals, as well as your commitment to enhancing your home's value and providing a private wellness space for your family.

Renovation mobilizations: Save time & money: When embarking on an outdoor renovation, strategically including an in-ground swimming pool can be both time-efficient and cost-effective. The concept of "mobilizations" refers to the initial phase when contractors are on-site for your project. By opting for a comprehensive builder like Selah Pools, you can capitalize on a single mobilization, a more streamlined approach than managing multiple contractors.

Seasoned homeowners are well aware that juggling several contractors can lead to a project spiraling out of budget and schedule. By consolidating your renovation efforts under one general contractor, you stand to save a significant amount of time—potentially hours, days, or even weeks that would otherwise be spent soliciting estimates and acting as the project manager. Moreover, this consolidation can result in substantial financial savings, potentially reducing the overall project cost by 10% to 40%. This is not only a smart logistical move but also a savvy financial strategy that leverages the efficiency of a single experienced outdoor design and build resource.

Does a swimming pool add value to your home?

Adding a swimming pool to your home can indeed have an impact on its value. An in-ground pool can potentially increase your home's worth by approximately 7%, as reported by This type of pool is considered a permanent home improvement and is typically included in a home appraisal, contributing to the overall value of the property.

On the other hand, above-ground pools are generally viewed as temporary structures and are not usually factored into a home appraisal, meaning they do not add to the appraised value of a home.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtors' Remodeling (NAR) Impact Report suggests that the addition of an in-ground pool has an average return on investment (ROI) of about 56%. With the average cost of installing a swimming pool being around $90,000, the project can increase the value of a home by approximately $50,000.

These figures highlight the financial benefits of opting for an in-ground pool if you're considering a pool installation as part of your home improvement plans. It's a substantial investment that not only enhances the enjoyment of your home but can also offer a favorable return in terms of increased property value.

Three factors that can help you determine if a swimming pool will add positive value to your home. When considering the addition of a swimming pool to your home, there are three key factors that can influence whether it will add positive value:

  1. Community Trends: If you live in a neighborhood where many homes have swimming pools, not having one could potentially decrease your home's marketability. A pool can be seen as a standard feature in such communities.
  2. Climate Considerations: In warmer climates, such as those in Texas or Florida, a swimming pool can be a highly attractive feature for potential buyers. The appeal of a refreshing swim on a hot day can significantly increase a home's desirability.
  3. Design and Safety: While not everyone may want the responsibilities or costs associated with pool maintenance and safety, the curb appeal of a well-designed outdoor addition can make any property stand out. A pool that complements the overall aesthetic of your home and is designed with safety in mind can be a strong selling point.

These factors highlight the importance of aligning your home improvement projects with both regional trends and buyer preferences to ensure that your investment yields a positive return. A swimming pool can be more than just a luxury; it can be a strategic enhancement to your home's value and appeal.

Bottom line

As we've explored the depths of pool ownership, it's clear that while certain pools may contribute more to your home's value, the decision to install a swimming pool should primarily be about personal fulfillment and the joy it brings to your life. Indeed, even the most strategically chosen pool might only boost your home's value by an estimated 7%. Yet, the true value of a pool lies not in its potential return on investment, but in the happiness and wellness it offers to you and your family.

When your pool becomes a cherished source of summer memories, a catalyst for family gatherings, and a private retreat for relaxation, it transcends monetary value. Giving your pool a "happiness index" of 10 out of 10 signifies that the investment is priceless, providing returns that are measured not in dollars, but in smiles, laughter, and moments of tranquility.

In the end, the best investment is the one that enriches your daily life. If a swimming pool promises to bring a wave of happiness to your backyard, then it's an investment worth making, one that will pay dividends in joy for many summers to come.

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