Selah Design Centers: Our Newest Division

Introducing Selah Design Centers, Our Newest Division

Welcome to Selah Design, where your pool-building magic begins. Along with our Ft. Worth “West” office, our newest “North” office is the technology hub for your creation to take shape.

Creativity enhanced through technology

The team at Selah is incredibly tech. savvy when it comes to construction. You will be amazed at how a swimming pool design is such a creative process. Our strategy at Selah is to build custom, so each of these design creations is unique. We offer you a limitless creative experience with the best technology available as your design unfolds into your custom outdoor environment.

At Selah, we’re committed to using technology to its fullest potential. We’re constantly creating new methods for a design to deliver a great experience from our first meeting through to the final build. In fact, we’ve developed systems that include proprietary technologies for managing the creative process that is tailor-made for the custom swimming pool building business.

Equipped with tools to drive design efficiency

To be fast and effective in designing your dream, we founded Selah using cloud computing systems. We’ve carefully curated & cataloged our system so that each & every design is available with just a few keystrokes. For you, this means that after years and over a thousand custom designs, we can quickly deliver concepts that are as amazing as they are practical & proven.

All this technology comes down to three things for our clients: Selah design is Qualified, Innovative & Dynamic. The core principles of Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments that serve you, our valued clients.

Equipped to help you visualize your dream

The new North office Design Center is dedicated to our passionate pursuit to be “the better builder.” With a growing talent team, we work tirelessly to improve our designs with technology. For example, Computer-Aided Design systems at Selah are the core feature of our swimming pool concept ideation. Creating 3D renderings of your ideas merged with our experience is the drive for the team at Selah North to constantly innovate their design strategies to perfect a process of highly efficient creativity.

Virtual Reality renderings are available for our clients interested in an “immersive” experience for their swimming pool design review. In addition, augmented reality views are available so that we can place a simplified rendering in a real-time view, over your existing property and right in front of your eyes. And we recently launched the latest in “Ray Tracing” video rendering technology that delivers your design videos and images in exquisite detail.

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Virtual or in-person presentations

Outfitted with technology that delivers a “contactless” presentation experience, with high-resolution cameras that provide a near-microscopic view of your material choices, our West office showroom is also ready for you. Zooming into pool plaster, tile & deck material choices as if you’re in the room with them. Your Selah Design Consultant works in tandem with your designer to deliver design presentations using our “showroom cam” or a Microsoft Teams® screen share.

Of course, we love in-person design presentations because materials also have a feel. But we recognize out of convenience & safety, virtual presentations are a great way to keep your dream moving forward. The team at Selah committed from our beginning to deliver the best technology for our client experiences. Then when it became a “necessity,” we already had the tools in place to deliver virtually and not miss a beat in our design process. Clients from all over the country moving to Selah’s neighborhood regularly participate in virtual design reviews. Several have closed their contracts without ever setting foot in our North or West office. Their builds were well underway before they made a move to their new home.

Focused on quality, speed and innovation

Selah’s new North office Design Center is the core of all the technology that goes into building your dream. The team works with our custom-made computer workstations, buzzing with LED lights and the latest GPU technology. In addition, the team is highly digital, with more square inches of computer screens than desk surface.

Beyond custom design & presentation, the North office is the hub for engineering, permitting & scheduling. With the latest Virtual Machine computer servers, Virtual Private Network Security, and Voice over IP communications, the team works in a highly efficient digitized world.

When the dust settled on our move to the Design Center, we continuously deployed the latest digital planning tools to improve our build performance. As a result, planning & Scheduling is now nearly 100% digital and paperless. Our commitment to the field teams that build your dream is to deliver the best information for the most effective results in quality, speed, and innovation. Digitizing the operation is one way we fulfill this mission; with the design center focused on more than design, it’s becoming the Center of Excellence for Selah operations. And Selah North is beginning its Research & Development phase into new ways to innovate swimming pool design & construction.

Now, as the future unfolds, the team at Selah continues to build its technological prowess with proprietary developments up to and including Artificial intelligence (Ai) in its operations. As a result, we believe that Selah has emerging capabilities that no other builder can offer. As these systems come online, our performance and capabilities will continuously improve as we shape Selah into the nation’s most innovative pool builder.

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You, our highly valued clients, are at the center of our dreams as the better builder and then the most innovative pool builder in America. Each step we take through the years of quietly building our brand, aiming our unique technologies with one specific outcome in mind: “You Dream it, We Build it…”

We want your experience with Selah to be the best the world has to offer in Custom Outdoor Environments. Driven with your desires at heart and your family’s best interest, we strive to deliver on this mission. The new Selah Design Center is a big step in the right direction, and we hope you enjoy the video and see just some of how the team at Selah is working to innovate the entire pool building industry. But, most importantly, you can see how we’re constantly investing in improving your Selah Custom Outdoor Environment experience.

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