Small Yard, Big Dream: Part 1

Small Yard, Big Dream: Outdoor Renovation Ideas for Any Space

How one homeowner transformed their tiny yard into a stunning outdoor oasis with these innovative renovation ideas.

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As a sports-loving parent of two energetic preschoolers, my spouse and I always dreamed of having our own pool

The dream of bringing the refreshing escape of water to our humble abode seemed like a fantasy. Our backyard, limited in size, appeared to be an obstacle too great to overcome. Yet, our passion for an aquatic sanctuary remained undiminished. It wasn't until we crossed paths with Selah Pools that our perspective shifted. Their innovative approach and expertise in maximizing small spaces ignited a spark of hope. The impossible suddenly seemed within reach, and our journey with Selah Pools began, transforming our dream into a tangible vision.

The Underutilized Backyard

Our backyard was nothing more than a mundane plot of land, serving the simplest of purposes. It was a playground for our dog and a canvas of grass awaiting its regular trim. Yet, we recognized the potential that lay in this overlooked space. It was an extension of our home, ripe for transformation. The question was not if, but how we could reinvent this area to become a vibrant hub of activity, beauty, and leisure. With Selah Pools' reputation for sophistication and luxurious designs, we knew we had found the right partner to unlock the hidden potential of our backyard.

The Dream

Our vision was clear: a backyard bustling with the laughter of our children, the splash of water, and the joy of family moments crafted in the sanctity of our own space. We dreamed of an outdoor escape from the digital screens, a sanctuary where wellness and play converged. We imagined ourselves, too, part of this aquatic ballet, engaging in friendly water sports and cherishing the bonds that only shared experiences can forge. Selah Pools, with their commitment to crafting personalized outdoor experiences, stood as the beacon that promised to turn our aspirations into reality.

The Challenge

The confines of our small backyard presented a daunting challenge. Could such a compact space really accommodate the grandeur of our dreams? Concerns loomed, yet Selah Pools' reputation as trustworthy innovators offered reassurance. Their professional team approached our project not as a limitation but as an opportunity for creativity, assuring us that even the smallest of yards could blossom into an oasis of luxury and style.

More Than Just Pool Builders

To describe Selah Pools merely as pool builders would be to overlook their true essence. They are artisans of the outdoors, crafting environments that resonate with elegance and functionality. Their expertise extends far beyond the water's edge, offering a holistic approach to backyard transformation. With a refined touch, they convert ordinary spaces into sophisticated retreats that cater to each family's unique desires, ensuring that every project is a testament to their innovative and luxurious brand.

Making Big Dreams Happen in Small Backyards

Selah Pools stood by their promise, bringing to bear a team of visionary designers and masterful engineers. They assured us that no space was too small to harbor a dream. Through meticulous planning and exceptional design, they tailored an outdoor experience that not only fit our spatial constraints but also expanded them, crafting an atmosphere where every inch was optimized for enjoyment, luxury, and sophistication.

A Complete Outdoor Solution

The offerings of Selah Pools extended well beyond a mere swimming pool. They presented a full spectrum of outdoor living solutions that promised year-round enjoyment. From chic dining areas to elegant shade structures and versatile sports courts, they designed an environment that adapted to our every need. With their guidance, our small backyard transformed into a multi-dimensional haven, where every element served our lifestyle, and every detail echoed our dream of a luxurious outdoor sanctuary.

Looking Forward to Night Time Features

As the sun sets and the day's energy wanes, Selah Pools' nighttime features promise to extend the magic. Their thoughtful lighting designs and serene water features will offer a tranquil retreat, allowing us to slip into a state of relaxation and intimacy. We envision evenings spent by the illuminated poolside, where the glow of lights and the gentle sound of water create an uplifting ambiance that nurtures the soul and deepens the connection with loved ones.

The Successful Project

The transformation is complete, and the results are breathtaking. Our modest yard, once a dreamer's canvas, is now a living masterpiece of outdoor elegance. Selah Pools has skillfully turned our vision into a reality, crafting a space that defies its original dimensions. Our family now revels in a beautiful and functional outdoor retreat, a testament to the power of innovation and the fulfillment of a dream that knew no bounds.


Embarking on this journey of outdoor renovation has been an exhilarating experience. With Selah Pools at the helm, we have witnessed the transformation of our small backyard into a luxurious outdoor oasis. As we prepare to share our story with the world, we look forward to inspiring others to dream big, no matter the size of their space. Stay tuned as we continue to share our experience, and let Selah Pools guide you to make your own outdoor dreams a reality.

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