Small Yard, Big Dream: Part 2 "Family"

Selah Pools | Small Yard, Big Dream: Part 2

How one homeowner transformed their tiny yard into a stunning outdoor oasis with these innovative renovation ideas. Enjoy part two in our series...

Health and Wellness: A Family Adventure

Since transforming our backyard into an active living space, our family's health and wellness have soared. Swimming and engaging in outdoor activities have become second nature, greatly enhancing our children’s physical development and promoting restful sleep for all.

A joyful father and son play in their pool, with the father holding his preschool-aged son in his arms. The son has a big smile on his face and a relaxed pose, arms wide open, as soft waterfalls cascade in the background, creating a scene of familial bliss and outdoor fun.

Safety and Privacy: A Sanctuary at Home

Our backyard, once a simple outdoor space, has become our sanctuary. As the sun sets, its warm glow envelops us in peace. Here, our children play freely, and we, as parents, find solace and laughter in this tranquil haven. Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments have masterfully crafted this space, focusing on luxury and functionality, to provide us with a retreat where every moment is treasured and every memory is made.

A family of four enjoys a playful moment by the pool. The mother, holding her daughter, watches as the father, with a determined leap, makes a successful jump shot at the basketball hoop, much to the delight of their son and the gentle applause of waterfalls in the background.

From "Digital Detox" to Active Living

In this whirlwind of a world where digital screens vie for our attention at every turn, I’ve felt a deep-seated yearning for a return to a more grounded, physically active way of life. This longing springs from my athletic roots, driving me to create a space that champions physical over digital engagement. As a parent and a homeowner, I’m acutely aware of the significance of daily activity and wellness. My journey in transforming our outdoor space has unveiled the immense influence that physical activity wields on our overall health and life quality.

When I discovered Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments, I knew I had found a partner that embodies innovation, sophistication, and luxury, all underpinned by a foundation of trust. Their team, brimming with professionalism and enthusiasm, committed to guiding me through this transformative experience. They focus on crafting outdoor spaces that not only elevate health and wellness but also inspire homeowners to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of their own backyards.

In our digitally saturated world, we’ve created a backyard that encourages physical over digital engagement. Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments have been instrumental in this transformation, offering innovative designs that inspire us to embrace a more active, fulfilling lifestyle.

A tranquil night scene unfolds around an inground heated spa, flanked by fire bowls and vibrant colored LED lighting along the edges of the home. In the distance, the patio beckons with its outdoor dining amenities, including a visible green egg cooker. The night glows warmly with the allure of fire and LED features, inviting the family to a cozy and enchanting evening retreat.

An Evening Retreat for Us Parents

As evening falls and the children dream, we retreat to our backyard oasis. Whether unwinding in the spa or cozying up by the fireplace, this space is our sanctuary for relaxation and reconnection.

Now, swimming and outdoor activities have become a daily routine, contributing to our children’s physical development and ensuring a good night’s sleep for our entire family.

A daytime view of an outdoor ping pong table set on richly textured travertine pavers, with a beautiful above-ground heated spa in the background. The spa boasts a 3D depth dry-stacked stone veneer, complementing the lush green trees in the distance, creating a perfect setting for family fun and relaxation.Cost Savings and Convenience

The perks of having a home entertainment complex are not just about saving money; they're about transforming our lifestyle. By skipping social camps and expensive vacations, our family of four has seen significant savings. Outdoor dining has simplified my daily routine, adding a touch of convenience as we enjoy meals in the comfort of our backyard. This renovation has elevated our living space and made leisure and entertainment easily accessible, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

An ethereal daytime view of the backyard, sun-drenched and aglow with lens flares. The family pool and high-end outdoor dining area, equipped with top-tier appliances, bask in the sunlight. A blue pool umbrella unfolds over the tanning ledge, offering a serene shade oasis amidst the vibrant setting.A Future-Proof Oasis

We step into the future, envisioning our backyard as the enduring heart of our home. As our children grow, it becomes the hub for birthday parties, holidays, and gatherings, ensuring our home remains the preferred destination for years to come. It’s a future-proof oasis, where memories will continue to be made and cherished, and laughter and joy will echo through the years.

Our backyard project was designed to last for generations, ensuring that our children and future grandchildren will inherit a legacy of joy, togetherness, and enduring love.

An aerial view captures our family of four in their custom swimming pool, immersed in playful moments. Their young son, aware of the camera above, looks up with a beaming smile. The big blue pool umbrella, unfolded and prominent, adds to the cheerful scene.


Our backyard transformation has been a holistic journey, enhancing our family’s health, safety, and connection. Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments have been pivotal in creating a space that meets our needs today and anticipates our desires for decades.

This is more than a renovation; it’s the creation of a legacy—a space where our family’s memories will flourish for years to come, fostering joy, togetherness, and well-being.

An extreme close-up of the pool’s interior showcases the beautiful blue pebbled plaster. A tiny metallic ceramic fish accent, in deep blue, is embedded within the plaster, evoking a nostalgic childhood memory of the pool.


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