Who’s in your backyard?

Who’s in your backyard?

Transform your backyard into a paradise with trusted local pool renovation experts. selah-pools-unsplash-240510F

Service from the Heart

We’re all about top-notch service here. It’s the heart and soul of what we do. We’ve got a diverse bunch of clients, including some real-life heroes who’ve served our country. They’ve given us some amazing shout-outs that we’re super proud of. We’re all about going the extra mile, which shows in our clients' rave reviews and heartfelt video messages. Each project is a chance for us to make good on our word and build strong, lasting bonds. We genuinely care about our clients’ dreams and well-being; this is our drive and passion.

Good Neighbor Vibes

Being a ‘good neighbor’ is more than just a tagline for us; it’s our way of life. We’re proud of our local roots and the bonds we’ve formed over time. These connections shape how we handle each project, making sure we treat your space with the same care and commitment as we would in our own backyard. It’s not just about crafting pools; it’s about improving our hometowns and nurturing the communities we hold dear.

Master of the Craft

Our reputation as a seasoned commercial builder guarantees that no project is too big or intricate for us. From engineering finesse to detailed designs custom-made for your backyard, we maximize every square foot, turning grand dreams into reality. Our skill isn’t limited by your yard’s size; we’re experts at turning even the tiniest spaces into breathtaking retreats, showing that professional building expertise can make a huge difference, no matter the size.

Outdoor Environment Craftsmen

Trust is the bedrock of our identity as craftsmen of custom outdoor environments. We’ve got a solid reputation backed by a history of reliability and hundreds of custom projects that have brought joy to homeowners all over the country. Our dedication to top-quality work is acknowledged through numerous awards and a consistent A+ rating from the BBB. This is a testament to our steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch customer service and craftsmanship in every project we dive into.

Industry Veterans

Our team, based in Fort Worth, TX, is led by industry veterans with decades of priceless experience under their belts. We’re not just builders, we're artists in custom pool design and renovation. Engineers, designers, architects, and tradesmen respect our deep-rooted knowledge and expertise. We’re committed to quality and innovative design. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner who brings insight and innovation that only years of dedication can offer. We’re all about turning your backyard into a personal oasis.

National Brand with Texas roots

While Texas holds our heart, our influence extends beyond the Lone Star State. We’re a national frontrunner in the pool design industry. Our reputation, originating from our Fort Worth, TX headquarters, reverberates nationwide. We’ve garnered respect and recognition from all corners of the nation, and our first-rate customer service has landed us some impressive commendations. When you choose us, you opt for a design inspired by real-life examples supported by some of the industry’s biggest names. People trust us to deliver from Dallas, Texas, to Palm Beach County, Florida, and everywhere in between. And you can, too. We’re all about making your custom design a reality wherever you are.

Empowered Women at the Helm

Our team, founded in part by dynamic women, is revolutionizing the pool construction scene with a distinctive, empathetic approach beyond conventional methods. The fusion of brains + beauty + brawn defines our mission as we strive to provide an extraordinary experience aligned with your dreams and family values. We don’t just build structures; we bring your dreams to life. Each project mirrors our dedication to creating stunning and practical outdoor havens. We’re here to make your outdoor escape dream a reality.

Tailored Designs

We’re all about personalization. We see your backyard as a unique canvas, ready to be transformed. We plan every feature for you, meticulously designed to blend with your yard’s natural terrain and soils. As the creators of original Selah designs, we know that no two dreams are the same. That’s why we offer comprehensive design and build services. With the swimming pool as the star of the show, we aim to bring any vision to life. Take a look at our portfolio. It’s packed with hundreds of successful builds, thousands of videos, and tens of thousands of high-quality original images that showcase our commitment to quality and creativity. We’re here to make your dream outdoor space a reality.


So, "Who is in your backyard?"

We're looking forward to earning your trust because with us in your backyard, it's not just a pool, it's a Selah Pool.

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