New year, new you! Resolutions drive gym memberships; why not a swimming pool?

Why Every Homeowner & Fitness Enthusiast Should Have A Swimming Pool

Why Every Homeowner & Fitness Enthusiast Should Have A Swimming Pool


The good folks at Home Remodeling HQ recently conducted a study where they polled people of various demographics. The goal was to figure out what people wanted in their dream home, then compare that to the home they already owned.

The Answer: A swimming pool!  A pool is one of the best ways to get fit and stay active while having fun in the privacy of their home. The calming and relaxing effects of swimming can be just what you need to get through a stressful day. You can also use it as an excuse to spend time with your friends and family outside in the fresh air and away from “screen time.”

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that won't put too much strain on your body, making it perfect for people recovering from injuries or who want to avoid putting too much stress on their joints. The water supports your weight, so you don't have to worry about injuring yourself when you're out of breath from doing laps, which makes it ideal for those who have joint problems or back pain caused by lifting weights over time (or even just lifting heavy bags into car trunks!).

The buoyancy of the water also reduces stress on your joints, so there's less impact on them when they're in contact with each other while moving around during exercise activities like running or playing sports; this is especially useful for people who suffer from everyday aches & pains but still want an active lifestyle without giving up their favorite activities completely (like swimming).

A swimming pool offers so much more than just recreation. A decent-sized pool can significantly improve your weight loss goals and overall health — giving you that body you've always wanted. If that sounds like a sales pitch, then you're right. At Selah Pools, we’ve built hundreds of custom swimming pools and heard from our clients about the many incredible benefits for their health, physical appearance, and well-being. Then, of course, the status of pool ownership that comes with that newfound good health & vitality.

We have former active-duty military clients who had access to a “community pool” but preferred rehabbing & maintaining their health in the privacy & convenience of their own backyard. Then, we had a couple whom we built a custom training pool for to help them practice their SCUBA diving skills - because Turks & Caicos is way more fun when they’re in condition. The list goes on, and the stories are all true; if desired, we would happily put you in touch with these Selah clients, and they would tell you firsthand.

Join your neighbors in the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex and our new friends in the Selah Palm Beach area in their quest for better living right in the comfort of their own homes.  After all, your home is the best place to invest in the quality of life you’ve earned.

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