Your Personal Outdoor Respite

Your Personal Outdoor Respite

According to a recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens, the “top five” outdoor living trends for 2023 are all about relaxation.

At Selah Pools & Custom Outdoor Environments, we’re not surprised as our clients consistently ask us to enhance their backyard experiences with an emphasis on leisure and recreation -- not only with curated, personalized pool designs, but holistically as it relates to their day-to-day enjoyment.

The top five living trends from this article completely align with what our clients consistently request, including:

Sensory Pathways 

The feature notes that this outdoor trend is all about making space to recharge and activate the senses. Selah can transform your backyard with the support of unique pathways, verdant landscaping, and other vibrant elements that help energize the senses.

Organic Style 

“Organic modern” has been one of, if not the most, popular interior decorating trends, and now, as the article notes, it is influencing home exteriors. 

Outdoor Fitness Areas 

Home workouts took on a new dimension during the COVID pandemic…and that trend seems to have stuck. The article notes that, while exercise equipment can be added to a fitness area, larger exercise venues, such as putting greens and basketball courts, are now consistently in the mix. 

Focus on the Front Yard 

The front of a home also requires attention, and the article notes that maximizing this space is more popular than ever. Homeowners want to ensure that their residences are warm and inviting and have fabulous curb appeal. 

Relaxing Water Features 

Of course, this final aspect of outdoor trends -- relaxing water features -- is near and dear to our heart. Selah’s top team of architects and custom builders have extraordinary capabilities in designing all aspects of outdoor water features. From a magnificent pool to the addition of saunas, hot tubs, plunge pools, outdoor showers and numerous other details, we can exponentially enhance your ability to maximize your backyard.

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