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Interest Rate Holiday Sale

We know that many of you have been challenged by the changes in the U.S. economy, particularly in financing your build. So, here’s some good news for the holidays!  Between now and New Years’ Eve 2022, the Team at Selah will offset up to 6.99%* of your pool build costs to match the recent changes in the lending rate.

That’s right! If you have an estimate from us this year, we’ll give you a "second chance" at your build!

Contact Caleb Stevens at Selah Pools and check out if you qualify* and make it “A December to remember!” for your family.

Summer scenes start with Winter dreams...
...The best time to build is now!

P.S. If you’re moving into a new home but you’re not ready to start construction, you can still qualify for our offer when you decide “we’re your builder” by year's end.

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Terms & Conditions Brief | Details finalized at Contract Signing
*If your last estimate is less than $115k and was created after May 22nd, 2022, then your new build is eligible for up to 6.99% of discounts & allowances. If your last estimate is greater than $115k or was created this year but before May 22nd, then your new build is eligible for up to 5% of discounts & allowances. If qualified, your offer only extends to residential builds. If you have a commercial project quote, please contact your Selah Design Consultant for a project review.

Special Note for Families of Faith & Service: If you or your spouse served in a branch of the United States Military, are currently Medical Professional, or are employed full-time as a leader in Faith-Based Service, you automatically qualify for our offer for up to 6.99% of discounts & allowances.

And one last thing! We now offer direct financing with our new partners at Acorn or the teams at Lyon Financial, Viking Capital or Frost Bank; we will help you get the best rates, the best deal, and into your new lifestyle for the coming season.

Final Note: Selah Group LLC and its representatives reserve the right to offer this promotion on a case-by-case basis and at their discretion. Discounts mean a reduction in the total price of the new contract, and Allowances mean the combined sales value of any upgrades or substitutions of features, materials, or equipment.

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