Pickleball Courts

The notion of pickleball is excellent in that you can pick up a game quickly, have some fun and get great exercise without having to be a pro.

Pickleball, it’s a Thing!

Somewhere between tennis and badminton is about where pickleball resides. The courts can be up to thirty feet wide and sixty feet long for regulation play, but if your goal is fun vs. achieving pro status, we can dial down the court size to your expectations.

Sport court surfaces look great in any scene. Colorfast and eye-catching, your pickleball court can look great and stay maintenance-free for years. The court surfaces can be laid out in a day and have design considerations to be easy on your body but keep the bounce in your pickleball.

Design Your Pickleball Court With Selah

Sports courts by Selah, including pickleball courts, are a great addition to a complete custom outdoor environment build. Active and working up a sweat on the court, knowing your just steps away from a cool plunge in your new Selah Pool or a hot relax in your Selah-designed spa is a dream that’s yours when we’re your builder.


Pickleball Gallery