Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge in your swimming pool is one of the more creative features you get to play with as we design your dream build.

Get Your Tan On!

Sweeping curves or subtle lines are all available. But, of course, you may opt. out of a tanning ledge altogether to maximize your pool space, or if your pool is enormous, but your idea is a big water volleyball court.

A tanning ledge has so many characteristics that your Design Consultant can share with you. Here’s an example: Because the water above the tanning ledge is shallow, it tends to be warmer than the pool water. So in cooler months, the tanning ledge is a great way to hang out while your pool heater picks up the slack. Then when it’s hot out, and with a few bubblers water features in your tanning ledge, you just “tap the app.” and cool water bubbles up to wash away the warm.

Build Your Tanning Ledge With Selah

Umbrella sleeves, tequila tables, ledge loungers, and all kinds of exciting accessories are available with your tanning ledge design. The choices are yours, and a tanning ledge is a great way to tailor your swimming pool design to your new outdoor lifestyle.


Tanning Ledge Gallery