Tennis Courts

The team at Selah builds commercial sports courts for great amenity center designs.

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis courts have unique design considerations that include drainage, fencing & lighting. We’ll design your court with photometric studies using standards that help ensure a night game will be exciting without the risk of too much light affecting the rest of your outdoor scene.

You can trust that the same commercial level of design & engineering is available to you on your residential build.

Build Your Tennis Court With Selah

Court surfaces come with many options and are available to you in colors & styles and with consideration for their impact on your body and the ball. When you talk over your expectations with your Selah Design Consultant, we’ll build your court to suit your specific intent. Fencing, windscreens & landscaping are all available choices, and you can rest assured knowing that plans & permits drafted by the Selah design team will meet the toughest HOA or City standards.

Leisure & Recreation Tennis Courts

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Leisure & Recreation Tennis Courts
Leisure & Recreation Tennis Courts