Your courtyard designed by Selah is a beauty to behold on its own and when a gathering arrives.

Your Beautiful Backyard View

Working with your Selah Design Consultant, we'll create a courtyard design that can be in the understated elegance of simple features and shapes, or it can be an amazing standalone hallmark of your home's status. The choice is yours with Selah. From finished concrete hardscapes through hand-cut porcelain pavers, your courtyard will compliment both your home and your expectations.

Design Your Courtyard With Selah

Because the team at Selah are experts in plumbing & hydraulics, a fountain design is also available to you as a distinctive courtyard feature. In addition, Selah builds commercial fountains beyond eighteen tons of pure Texas magnificence, so if you're thinking big, we are your builder. And, because water features, fire features & lighting are also a big part of our portfolio, simple elegance can be yours as well.

In the end, your space is a courtyard canvas, and our design team will 3D render any ideas into something magic, and then we'll build it into the magic that is your heart's desire.


Outdoor Courtyard Gallery