Outdoor Dining

Dining. There’s a word that brings out the true nature of enjoying a meal with others.

Enjoy Your Dining Experience in Your Own Backyard

Whether it’s just the two of you who want an intimate dinner in your backyard scene or a celebration that brings a crowd, outdoor dining is unmatched in its universal appeal.

An outdoor dining experience served up on a Selah design will not disappoint. With everything considered, including an outdoor kitchen, a new or existing patio, or even stone bar tops & countertops, you can be sure that your first to your hundred and first outdoor dining experience will be a joy that builds great memories.

Design Your Outdoor Dining Space with Selah

Outdoor dining is a passion, and we’ve worked for some passionate foodies in our storied experience. Consider a build in Southlake, TX, where a 600-pound Argentinian Brazos grill was ordered and added to the picture. The team at Selah created a complete custom scene with this mighty furnace placed in the perfect spot to “bring the meat” and not spoil the experience with “too much heat”. Years later, this master design is still delivering meals and memories to friends & family.


Outdoor Dining Gallery