Outdoor Firepits

No season won't benefit from having a built-in firepit.

Get Cozy by the Fire

No season won't benefit from having a built-in firepit. But of course, taking the chill out of a cool evening is always a great way to extend your season into year-round joy.

Like a swimming pool, a firepit is just magnetic in the way people gather to share their time. The flames are safely dancing with warmth & color, sparking conversations that last for hours, even we wish they could go on forever.

Build Your Outdoor Firepit With Selah

The warmth created by natural wood-burning or a gas fed firepit is always welcome. However, beyond basic comfort, a firepit brings elegance to a custom outdoor design that sets it apart. Selah has gone so far as to build a firepit as an island oasis inside a swimming pool design, just because our client desired their design to be the ultimate in eye-catching glory.

Whether a simple round wood-burning firepit or rectangular, linear edged glass encased or even "in the middle of your Pool," you can count on your Selah Design Consultant to guide you to an amazing firepit dream.


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