Cocktail Bar Pools

Pool party! Two words we’ve all heard and always bring excitement.

Celebrate in Your Cocktail Bar Pool

Because a swimming pool naturally favors a crowd, why not make your design a cocktail bar pool?

The idea of a cocktail bar pool design is as simple as it is elegant. With a pool interior design that includes round bench seating designed alongside a built-in bar top, the effect is instant entertainment. In addition, with a complete custom outdoor environment designed by the team at Selah, you can include an outdoor kitchen or all manner of outdoor amenities within easy reach of your bar top.


Design Your Cocktail Bar Pool With Selah

Because Selah has stonemasons and award-winning artisans on our team, there is very little limit to the imagination for your ideal cocktail bar pool. Your Selah Design Consultant and their design teammates are here to show you all the possibilities. But, more importantly, make sure that the space and all the dimensional details are both comfortable & practical. Careful Consideration of round pool bench heights, their spacing & distance to the cocktail bar top are engineered from experience and for your comfort.


Cocktail Bar Pool Gallery