Concrete Pools

The concrete pool shell, a time-honored way to deliver backyard dreams.

Build a Solid Pool With Concrete

Your pool shell design, engineered and built by Selah, starts with a special concrete material called Gunite (gun-Night.)

Pools shells aren’t poured like a pool deck or a house foundation simply because they’re not flat. Instead, the pool sidewalls and water feature walls are integrated into one body, called the pool shell. Because the pool shells are one body, the process of Gunite is the best way to build a seamless one-time concrete pool shell. Gunite forms your concrete pools into the shape you desire in a way that delivers enduring beauty.

Build Your Concrete Pool With Selah

Gunite is a specialized concrete material that’s up to the task of a concrete pool because its application is carefully controlled as we build your concrete pool. First, the Gunite crew will arrive at your home with a truck filled with Gunite in dry powder form with a special mix using fine Portland Cement. Then, a long supply line from the truck conveys the dry mix to a huge nozzle that mixes water as the concrete is sprayed onto your pool excavation. This is the magic of Gunite because only the right mix of water is used to make sure no puddle of water forms to cause voids in your concrete pool shell.

What’s amazing about our Gunite application is the artistry that only a spray concrete application can achieve. Steps, benches, raised walls, tanning ledge, beach entry, and all manner of custom shapes are created by the Gunite team, as if your yard is a canvas and the Gunite nozzleman is the artist. Then, when your concrete pool shell is complete, your design is as solid as it is custom. 


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