Curved Pools

Curvaceous creatures are a delight when you trust Selah as your builder.

Have Fun Designing Your Dream Pool

We so love the liberty of designing custom curved pools because we have the team that can build them to spec. and meet your expectations.

The advantage of experience, coupled with artisans building premium-grade fine Portland Cement Gunite materials, means your curved pool design will last the test of time. Because we use fine materials, we avoid the risk of cold welds or other defects that cause problems years down the road from the first pool season. Talk to your Design Consultant about our Limited Lifetime Pool Shell Warranty, and it will make perfect sense why you should trust Selah for your curved pool build.

Design Your Curved Pool With Selah

Curved pools are a designer’s dream, and our builders know how to handle them. Your Design Consultant will guide you through cool ways to make curves work with your design features, including steps, benches, tanning ledges, beach entries, and raised beam walls. Then rock grotto or weeping wall water features can be tailored into your curved pool shape, making it a one-of-a-kind scene that only the team at Selah can deliver.

Brillhart, Theresa - complete - BRI2001 (25)

Curved Pool Gallery

Miller, Krystina - Finished MIL1901 (21)
Selah Arlington - POW2001 (7)
Golovich, Stephen - GOL1901 (9)
Malvik, Chris - MAL1901 (26)
Cawl, Dan - Marketing - CAW1901 (2)
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