Fire Features

Fire & water! A pool’s fire features are a fantastic accouterment that always dazzles a design!

Dazzle With Fire Features

As with any pool feature, there are subtle ways of achieving an effect, and then there are over-the-top designs that bring a lifetime of spark to the scene. Pool fire features are found in the top ten of all Selah designs because they’re so popular and because we’re successful at building them.

Design choices like fire bowls, fire & water bowls, wall-mounted sconce fire effects, and side effects like linear edge fire pits that run alongside a spa add so much character to a design. But, then, having some heat on a cool night is always a bonus.

Design Your Fire Features With Selah

Your Selah app can control it all, and we’re experienced professionals who build to code and expectations. Automated fire always features delight spectators at your family gatherings and celebrations. Pool fire features are, without a doubt, a crowd-pleaser.


Fire Features Gallery