Formal Pools

Formal pools are not meant to be intimidating; no “black tie” required.

You Can't Go Wrong With Classic

The notion of a formal pool design simply means that you’re looking for the best overall design that includes design features outside the pool.

The complete design is what Selah does best. You will see it in your free 3D rendering. We’re offering more than just a swimming pool design, and we’re looking at the best design for your custom outdoor environment. To elevate to a formal pool design experience is just another day at Selah.

Build Your Formal Pool With Selah

A formal swimming pool is usually geometric, but they don’t have to be. The right set of curves can make a statement in a well-appointed Selah design. The key is to think through your expectations for design features such as the pool deck and elements such as raised beam walls. Of course, that’s where your Selah Design Consultant is ready to help. We’ll show you all the possibilities and guide you through to your formal pool dreamscape.


Formal Pool Gallery