Heated Pools

Extend your season with a heated pool!

Keep Warm on the Coolest of Days in Your Heated Pool

Selah designs always include an option for an energy-efficient pool heater, and Selah exclusively uses top-of-the-line equipment to do the job. Our equipment partner has the industry's best warranty with the highest reputation and can include an exclusive 5-year warranty on the heater coil when you choose Selah as your builder. In addition, the innovative heater design consists of a bypass of small circulation through the heating coil when it's not in use to keep it fresh and from becoming stagnant, which is a leading cause for equipment failure.

Build Your Heated Pool With Selah

Beyond the heater, Selah has a unique plumbing design system that we call "deep heat". The deep heat system can deliver heated water to the pool floor instead of depending on water from the pool returns close to the pool surface at the waterline. Deep heat helps ensure that your pool is thoroughly warmed from the bottom up, so there are no surprises after you dive into your expectation.

Of course, with Selah, all this is automated for you. App. control is not just remote control; you can monitor and manage your pool temperature from anywhere you can get a cell signal. We always recommend a spa with a pool. The spa plumbing is always independent of the pool on a Selah build, which means you can set the spa temp. before your commute home and have it ready the minute you are. Then if the family is having a party and forget the heater is on, no worries, you can check and turn it off with a push of an app. button.


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