ICF Pools

ICF is the future for pools, and at Selah, we're all about new technology!

Stay Ahead of the Curve With ICF Pools

According to industry analysts, a pool loses about 80 percent of its heat through its bottom and sides because the ground conducts heat more quickly than the surface air. Therefore, pools built with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) have continuous insulation on the interior and exterior sides and bottom.

ICF Pools are an innovative strategy in swimming pool construction, and that's why Selah is attracted to their potential. We thrive on innovation, and when there is a potential for a benefit to our client, we will rise to the challenge.

Build Your ICF Pool With Selah

Though ICF builds are not for everyone, we recognize that some select clients feel the need to manage their homes' energy efficiency, including their swimming pool. Therefore, we've partnered with ICF materials suppliers & engineers and believe their energy efficiency assessment, based on their design physics. We also know that new construction techniques require rigorous engineering, which is why the Selah Commercial team is part of your ICF pool build.

ICF Pools