Inground Pools

There are many reasons that an inground pool should be your first choice, and Selah should be your builder.

Go Classic With an Inground Pool

There is no substitute for an inground pool build. Over the years, we've had folks contact us about alternative styles, including above-ground and vinyl liners. And, we've had many more demolitions of the same, where these builds didn't last the test of time. The owner learned an expensive lesson when their pool started going bad, became an unusable eyesore, and in the worst case, a mosquito breeding ground.

The most common issue with substandard builds is Mother Nature herself. Native soils are treacherous and unforgiving on a swimming pool. Expansive that shrink and expand from moisture & temperature are the same forces that cause roadways to crack and potholes to emerge, and that's not what you want in a pool for your family. Seasonal temperature changes, rain, and even sun exposure compound the environmental effects on an outdoor build.

Build Your Inground Pool With Selah

And water is heavy. An inground pool withstands natural forces while holding tens of thousands of pounds of water force, pushing on its sidewalls, year in and year out. Our engineering team manages all these effects at Selah as part of your design process.

Then consider your pool water sanitation. Low-cost builds & builders may deliver a clean pool for a season or two, but we've all seen when a good pool goes bad. When pool water starts to stagnate, breading bacteria on and other dangerous conditions. An inground pool comes with engineered pool plumbing & equipment designed for your custom design's circulation & sanitation needs.


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