Linear Pools

We love a challenge and want to help you design the ultimate linear pool!

Keep it Simple With Straight Lines

A linear swimming pool from Selah will solve some exciting design challenges. Linear pool designs have straight lines but usually are not simple rectangles. L-Shape pool and U-Shape pools are examples of how we don’t just work around a design challenge but instead develop design solutions that complement existing structures.

An L-Shape pool design is a great way to wrap around an existing patio, for example. Creating an entryway on the short side of the L-Shape pool creates more space for the long side. Then there is a favorite U-Shape pool that created “bookends” on the left and right of an existing patio with a nice long open space in front of the patio for our client, the sports enthusiast, to play water basketball.

Design Your Linear Pool With Selah

Linear pools can be a fun arrow on the pool design quiver of solutions and ideas. First, your Selah Design Consultant will work with you and visit your home, free of charge, to get the lay of the land. Then, when we render up your pool design, talk out your ideas, and if a linear pool fits your desire, you can count on Selah engineering to develop a plan that will pass the tests of permit authorities and the most challenging HOA approvals.


Linear Pool Gallery