Pool Bathrooms

We’ve all seen “that” sign around a swimming pool. You know the one that says something about when nature calls…

Keep the Mess Outdoors!

The team at Selah knows there is more to the swimming pool lifestyle than that big old body of water. Outdoor dining, gatherings & celebrations are really what most of us aim for when we build a pool. And a well-appointed facility not only makes a statement, but it helps keep things healthy. And, there is a lot to be said about keeping the foot traffic outside.

Keep the Traffic Outdoors

Pool bathrooms are not an extravagance, and they can be very simple with just an outdoor shower head with a nice partition. Then, of course, we’ll design, engineer permit & build a complete accessory structure for you that includes the pool bathroom and maybe an outdoor television, like our clients in Arlington.

Remember, the outdoor lifestyle always includes the call of nature and sometimes lots of wet towels & toys to manage. So if you’re truly after a custom outdoor environment, talk to your Selah Design Consultant about a pool bathroom because there are great ideas just waiting for you to consider.


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