Pool Decks

Never underestimate the beauty of a pool deck.

Have You Considered a Pool Deck?

A complete custom outdoor environment is thought through from the bottom of your new pool to the surrounding scene we create for you with your pool deck design.

We’ve all seen a pool deck in one way or another. So many times, they’re uninspiring, and it doesn’t have to be that way. You can expect the same styling and attention to detail for your pool deck as your pool design when you trust the team at Selah for your dream build.

Build Your Pool Deck With Selah

Like a pool, the pool deck can be simple and understated or a platform for a wide features area. To name a few, planters & planter boxes, seating walls & retaining walls, and water features built into your pool deck can bring the whole scene together.

Of course, there are as many materials & color choices as there are design features. Your Selah Design Consultant will show you examples and make recommendations in your free 3D rendering. Ask about pool decks design features like mondo blocks, pavers, or even cross-cut porcelain with artificial turf insets, and you won’t be disappointed with our answer, “yes we can”, and we’ll show you how.

Pool decks, even of salt finish or stone aggregate, still can have character. At Selah, we literally “paint the pool” and the deck in your yard and listen to your ideas as we coach you through the considerations of drainage & irrigation results. Then, because the pool deck is near the end of your build, we can still re-shape your deck design after getting a feel for the pool shell when built and ready. After all, at Selah, we’re a custom outdoor environments builder emphasizing “custom”, which means your build should suit your home and your desires.


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