Pool Hardscaping

Hardscaping to a pool design can be a lot like choosing a set of wheels on your new car. And pool hardscaping can be as elaborate as your pool design. The choice is yours at Selah.

Add Some Charm to Your Backyard With Hardscaping

Your Selah Design Consultant will guide you through some interesting things that the average builder might miss when discussing your pool hardscape. Here's an easy one: Hardscapes keep lawn clippings out of your pool! Even if you're a minimalist and want the least pool hardscaping, you may wish to enough to trim the perimeter of your pool, so you don't end up working your pool cleaner to clean up after your lawnmower—the same for planter boxes. A good gust of wind and your top-of-the-line red cedar mulch end up floating in your brand-new pool. When Selah designs your pool hardscape, these are just some of the minor but essential considerations your design will get.

Design Your Pool Hardscape With Selah

Beyond the basics, pool hardscapes by Selah can include pavers, mosaic designs, and we've even done a Synagogue hardscape with beautiful stone tapestries. We always encourage our clients to think about their design and their pool hardscapes utility. And, because we're a custom builder, we can make design changes nearly up to the last minute before your pool hardscape build. So many times as a project unfolds and the pool hardscape is one of the last items on the build list, we find our clients have a better feel about their hardscape design, and we, of course, will work with you to the day it's delivered to meet your expectations.


Pool Hardscaping Gallery