Straight Line Pools

Straight to the fun, with a straight line pool built by Selah!

If Your Dream is Straightforward, We Are Your Builders!

What's interesting about a straight-line pool build is just that, keeping the lines straight. Curved pools are forgiving in many ways because their meandering shape makes them simple to excavate. However, straight line pools demand crisp edges and square corners that need an experienced builder to design and manage. The team at Selah will stand out above the average when it comes to your builds exacting expectations.

The modern trend in pool design is the modern look. The classic Southwestern freeform or even the kidney shaped pool tend to be the exceptions these days, more so than the rule.

Build Your Straight Line Pool With Selah

Beyond a talented build team, designing a straight-line pool means reaching into our toolbox to add character and distinction in subtle ways. For example, steps & benches in the pool help define its utility. But, of course, it all depends if you foresee many water volleyball matches in your future or if you're just looking for relaxed elegance. What's interesting about step & bench design is that they don't change the cost of your build, so it's an easy way to customize your design, but the average builder may not give you those options.

For a straight line pool build, trusting your Selah Design Consultant is the best way to get the best out of your design. Our team is here to listen. If water volleyball excites you, we'll render up a fabulous court to hold your matches in style. On the other hand, if your straight line elegance is aiming for curb appeal for party's & gatherings, let us know, and we'll show you the possibilities.


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