Walk-In Pools

Walk into your oasis with a Selah-designed walk-in pool with a beach entry.

Bring the Beach to Your Backyard

Beach entry pools are just as they sound, a smooth transition from your pool deck, and step by step, you enter your oasis. Beach entry designs open doors in comfort and style because the entry is finished with different colors & materials than the pool interior, delivering a unique sense of grandeur.

Design Your Walk-In Pool With Selah

There are advantages to a beach entry design if you or a family member has unique needs. For example, eliminating steps from your design by using a beach entry creates a ramp transition into your pool’s shallow end. And, your beach entry can be as expansive as you like, creating a wide but shallow surface just below the waterline. But then there is more fun to be had, and Beach Entries can add bubbler and deck jet water features to create a water park theme right in your backyard.


Walk-In Pool Gallery