Pool Adjoining Spas

The dynamic duo of a pool and pool adjoining spa is an unbeatable combo for your custom outdoor environment.

Cool Down and Warm Up With Your Pool Adjoining Spa

Integrating your spa into your pool design opens aesthetic possibilities, including waterfall features called tiered descents from your pool adjoining spa to your pool. The tiered descent is a feature by itself that brings some gentle sound to your backyard dream as water cascades from spa to pool.

The soundscape and the dreamscape of a pool adjoining spa create many possibilities and are the top of the line in custom outdoor environment design. But, beyond design, this is where engineering & construction also come into play. The pool shell and the spa intersect, which means the structural steel and concrete elements are connected. So don’t worry about a Selah build for a pool adjoining spa because we think it through.

Design Your Pool Adjoining Spa With Selah

Things to watch out for if you are working with an average builder are the plumbing hydraulics of your pool adjoining spa. It’s easy for them to shave a few dollars off their costs by running a single return line to your spa and burying it inside your build. After that builder is gone, you will notice this when some of the spa jets are just a little more forceful than others.

Selah doesn’t take this shortcut; we always double loop our circulation & sanitation lines for hydraulic balance in your pool and your pool adjoining spa. Double loops balance the water pressure in the lines. A Selah build with other good design practices will stay cleaner and more sanitary by avoiding stagnant water regions in your pool adjoining spa build.


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