Raised Spas

A commanding view and a subtle reminder of how a great life can be yours with a raised spa.

Enjoy the View in Your Raised Spa

Your spa raised above your pool beam sets it apart, but a Selah design also brings the two together.

The key to good design for your raised spa is to harmonize the scene for your entire custom outdoor environment. Knowing the lay of the land is the starting point, then considerations for simple things like how and where you approach your spa are essential. At Selah, we strive to balance design choices. For example, your raised spa might be close to an entryway to make it easy to head straight for it after a hard day’s work. Or maybe your idea is that your raised spa is a hideaway, and a few extra steps are worth the seclusion for intimate moments away from the pool scene.

Build Your Raised Spa With Selah

Raised spa design is about your lifestyle. Your upgrade in your home environment is what drives your design at Selah. Then when your project rolls up to completion, and you get that first magic moment in your very own raised spa, you’ll experience firsthand why Selah design is an elevated experience that will build a lifetime of great memories.


Raised Spa Gallery