Rolled Edge Spas

A rolled edge spa is a great way to add distinction to your custom Selah spa design.

Indulge in This Classic Spa Design

The rolled edge or in builder terms a “rolled beam” is a curvy tile line that rolls over the inside of the spa as it climbs over to the top.

The rolled edge spa is an upgrade, but because it’s formed with one-by-one ceramic tile, it not only delivers a little extra comfort, but it looks fantastic. And, because of the ceramic materials, rolled edge spa design delivers that much more designer touch for your color choices.

Build Your Rolled Edge Spa With Selah

Materials, colors, and styles for your rolled edge spa will be laid out for you by your Selah Design Consultant as we carefully craft your entire scene. A rolled edge spa is usually also very tall anywhere from twelve to eighteen inches above your pool. In addition to design, your team at Selah will engineer your rolled edge spa for comfort and circulation & sanitation hydraulics.


Rolled Edge Spa Gallery