Amenity Centers

Selah builds complete amenity centers!

Inviting Amenity Centers

Selah builds complete amenity centers! We deliver designs & builds that attract customers and keep them happy for years in your master-planned subdivision.

The swimming pool is the crown jewel of any amenity center build. At Selah, we work hard to innovate and be creative with your design, so your scene is unique, attracts attention, and creates a lasting memory of attention to detail. As a complete design & build operation, the team at Selah will deliver nearly all the features, attractions, and event gathering amenities your landscape architect can dream up. Sports courts, outdoor kitchens., shade & accessory structures, and of course, entryway fountains are all custom designed to match your expectations.

Build an Amenity Center With Selah

The amenity center built by Selah is a complete custom outdoor environment. You can trust we have access to Professional Engineering, project planning & cost estimating to hit our marks and still work well with the teams on your site. Our commercial team extensively uses 3D modeling & virtual reality techniques to render your scene in perfect detail as in any residential build. Design reviews are available via virtual conference rooms, and material selections are available with screencasts from our showroom.


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