The classic arbor is a staple in many Selah designs.

Luxury in Your Own Backyard

Beyond their beauty & elegance, it's exciting to explore the material selections and options you will get when Selah designs your scene.

The Lux styling of a modern aluminum arbor in South Florida white or classic Texas bronze is just the starting point where we can take you with arbor design. Cedarwood is a classic touch with simple elegance and endurance. With stone-booted columns, the rustic look comes into the scene.

Build an Arbor With Selah

Arbors are a staple in outdoor design and are hard to beat in their utility. The key point is our flexibility in design and customization. Your arbor shape, size & location may have some City code limitations, and we’ll alert you if there are, but what it comes to design or features, your imagination is the only limitation at Selah.


Arbor Gallery