If family fun is at the heart of a clubhouse for your custom outdoor environment, then Selah is your builder.

A Fun Space for All

The clubhouse is a great way to get away in your own backyard if the weather takes a turn but the fun’s still going.

Your Selah Design Consultant will show you examples of builds and then listen to your thoughts on the purpose of your clubhouse. Then we’ll set about rendering it up and assessing the details to be ready for your custom design presentation.

Build Your Clubhouse With Selah

We all have generational needs in our families as they mature. There is a lot to be said for a clubhouse just far enough away to be fun, but close enough to home to be safe. Billiards or table tennis in your clubhouse, are great ways for time well spent. Game tables and comfy seats will keep spectators and players entertained for hours. A clubhouse that’s not a converted garage may be just the addition of space your outdoor environment needs for those teenage years.


Clubhouse Gallery