Stone, aluminum, cedar, or a mix of all structure columns get special attention from the team at Selah.

Add a Majestic Touch With Columns

South Florida styling, Southern California coastal living, or rustic Texas ruggedness are invoked by the design of a structural column. The key to the design is integrating the complete custom outdoor environment scene that you simply can’t get from a trip to the big box hardware store.

Design Your Columns With Selah

Columns on a patio extension, a pergola, or around an outdoor kitchen must be thought through so they stand the test of time and meet your expectations for design. Our 3D modeling team working with your Selah Design Consultant is the starting point for your column’s design.

Then engineering, permitting & construction by Selah step in to deliver your complete scene. Plans, permits, calculations, and code compliance are all part of the experience your team at Selah puts into your column’s design. In addition, booted column structures, integration with your existing home structure, and all manner of design choices are available to you when the experienced team at Selah.


Column Gallery