An outdoor pavilion is within your reach when Selah is your builder. If you have the space and the inclination for gatherings, an outdoor pavilion is a great choice for your scene.

Add Some Extra Privacy to Your Space

We love it when our clients think about family gatherings in their designs because these days, we believe family’s safe at home but not couped up is an important part of modern life. The pavilion is a multi-purpose feature that can make memories while it stands strong for the family.

Build Your Pavilion With Selah

Pavilions built by Selah can be big as you want or small as you need, but they’re always designed to be the right size for your dreams. Your Selah Design Consultant will guide you through some possibilities, but an outdoor kitchen is a natural fit for an outdoor pavilion. With patio bars and seating and an outdoor TV for sportscasts, or just a wide-open space under shelter can be yours, right alongside or a walking path away from your new Selah pool.


Pavilion Gallery