A pergola is a canvas of possibilities. This simple shade structure can be as ornate and outfitted as you like with the Selah designers on your team.

Provide Some Much Needed Shade in the Texas Sun

If you can dream it, we can build it is a passion we live by at Selah, and we’ve successfully passed our client’s test many times with pergola design. Freestanding pergola situated just right to manage sunlight & shadow falls is rendered into the scene for your approval. Booted columns on your posts deliver either an elegant or rustic look depending on your style. Full-featured electrical packages for power, light, and airflow are all available, designed & built by the team at Selah.

Build Your Pergola With Selah

Aluminum pergolas with engineered poly roofing bring in the sunlight without the heat, while Outdeco partitions can be added for privacy and custom character to aluminum or cedar pergola. With Selah there is no limit to the possibilities a custom pergola can bring. Professionally Engineered to stand the test of time and outfitted with all manner of modern conveniences are yours when you choose the team at Selah to build your dream.


Pergola Gallery