Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower for your new outdoor scene is a great little addition to your design.

Outdoor Shower Oasis

Privacy expectations are essential. Some families are much more modest, while others aren’t as concerned or want a quick rinse and not an entire change room. Then we’ll consider not just the location & partition for convenience, we’ll consider the traffic patterns of your outdoor scene and then runoff a shower might bring.

Design Your Outdoor Shower With Selah

A subtle feature like an outdoor shower can be a full-blown change area or just a handheld rinse station. The choice is yours with Selah’s design because every family is unique, and so is every Selah client. Talk to your Design Consultant, and even a detail like an outdoor shower will surprise you with how much experience we can bring to do it the right way.

Water Features Outdoor Showers

Outdoor Shower Gallery

Water Features Outdoor Showers
Water Features Outdoor Showers