Waterfalls come in many shapes & sizes, but one thing you can be sure of is they are always a great addition to your custom outdoor environment.

Soothing and Calming Waterfalls

Design in water features and waterfalls starts with your swimming pool shape & size to harmonize the overall experience you want to achieve. What’s fun about water features, including waterfalls, is not only the look but the opportunity to add light & sound to your scene. If you want a raging whitewater sound that adds a super-natural outdoor effect, of course, it’s possible. If you’re looking for just a natural sound that brings a little background aesthetic, then we can do that too.

Build Your Waterfalls With Selah

The key to good water features & waterfalls design is understanding that sound, light, and even shadow falls come into play when creating such a scene. That’s why Selah designers model in your effects and include the day, night & transition scenes for your design with careful placement of your waterfalls features. Then you can decide what your dream is with confidence.

Waterfalls, weeping walls, grotto, and the myriad of other natural stone features are all available to you with your custom Selah design. Your Design Consultant is here to show you and talk through all the possibilities and, of course, show you how modern equipment and app. controlled features bring the power of your waterfalls and water features to your fingertips.


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