Selah Featured on Designing Spaces TV

Selah Featured on Designing Spaces TV

Such a joy! We hope you agree, our feature on Designing Spaces TV captures the essence of our passion for building dreams.


Two of our founders got here by way of Florida. As we say in Texas, "we got here as quick as we could." So when we rekindled some relationships in South Florida, the team at Brandstar Communications was happy to hear from us. The timing was perfect because we were finally such a mature business. We're blessed to have so many clients offer their builds for video & testimonials. Our biggest challenge was to edit down the footage to fit the show.

Life in Florida is undoubtedly an inspiration for our more tropical swimming pool designs, nearly surrounded and almost willed with water. We love it so much we opened a Selah start-up in West Palm Beach just to keep ourselves in tune with the Luxe design an oasis feel we enjoy bringing to Texas. The Designing Spaces TV segment was a natural fit, given their location in South Florida.

Designing Spaces is exactly as it sounds and very much what Selah does for our clients. As you will hear (and see), our swimming pool designs are the crown jewel of an overall Custom Outdoor Environment built by Selah. Creating a backyard paradise is our passion for you, and this passion shows through in the interviews you will hear on the TV segment.

Let's start with Lori Morris, a founder and the President of Selah Pools. Lori partnered with Rudy Flores to form Selah as a work to build a community. They agreed that Selah's purpose included being a blessing to its clients and seeking out clients that could also be a blessing to us. What matters for the team at Selah is not how big, or fast we can grow the company or how many builds we can achieve, though we are blessed in both regards. What truly matters is cultivating a culture where the clients who choose Selah to become part of our community, with the best possible experience we can deliver.

As you watch our short segment, you will hear the passion come out from Rudy, and his experience show through. After more than 30 years dedicated to swimming pool design & construction, he's experienced a lot of change and growth. From the beginning when pool design was done with a hand sketch to today's ultra-modern Selah design studio, Rudy's natural passion for creativity has evolved to deliver the dream that for years he could only see in his mind's eye. Now our "yard whisperer" invests all his experience into the design team's 3D rendering to craft custom looks while he keeps a watchful eye on the quality and critical features to ensure a proper build.

Throughout the Designing Spaces Selah segment, you can see the team in our West Office showroom and our North office Design Center working together. In addition, most of the cast in the show is filled with our Design Consultants, who are your tour guides through your design phases and your "go-to" resource throughout the entire Selah Pools experience.

Selah believes in a consultative approach. As you consider us as your builder, many videos are available throughout our site that includes our clients in their own words. Hear from your neighbors firsthand their experience with a Selah Design consultant.
One of our favorites is Mrs. Kinnel and her Outdoor Escape, who says at about 1:30 seconds into her segment, "It's not a sales pitch with Selah Pools" and "They care and they take the time". These words are among the highest compliments we've hoped to hear from our clients and reflect Selah's foundation as a builder of Custom Outdoor Environments. We know the best way to be successful is to listen first and then guide our clients to manifest their dreams.

"We understand better than anyone else, that the swimming pool is the undisputed crown jewel of any incredible home." A quote from the segment sums up what the folks at Designing Spaces came away with when they wrapped up their video shoot and wrote up their copy for our feature. We couldn't be more delighted with this impression because we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

The team at Designing Spaces is a joy to work with, and we appreciate every minute of their time & expertise crafting the feature. What we hope is that you enjoy a genuine and honest portrayal "behind the scenes" of Selah Pools, including the owners and their clients. With some great overview flights and still photos of Selah Dreams, you will start to see just what makes Selah "the Better Builder".

From our showroom and our design center to the heart of our leadership and the clients we serve, this short segment from Design Spaces captures the essence of what you will experience when we're your builder.

Then, book a free visit and 3D rendering with your Selah Design Consultant. Swimming pools are indeed the crown jewel of your themed oasis and as the team at Designing Space says, "they do so much more," "Bringing families together, creating lifetime memories and building dreams. …if You can Dream it, They can Build it…" Thank you, Designing Spaces, from the team at Selah Pools.


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