7 Reasons to Choose a Kidney-Shaped Swimming Pool

7 Reasons to Choose a Kidney-Shaped Pool

Why should you consider a kidney-shaped pool? Let us count the reasons. You have so many choices when it comes to pool shape, and it's not easy deciding which is best for you.

Here are some reasons why a kidney-shaped swimming pool could work well for you. Deciding the shape is half the battle. Once you know that, everything else falls in line.

It’s Been Popular for a Long Time

Kidney-shaped pools have been around for decades and have never gone out of style. The first was built in 1948. A kidney-shaped pool fits right into your aesthetic if you enjoy the retro look. But it doesn't look old-fashioned or dated because you have so many options to dress it up.

Since it is a popular shape, most custom pool companies are skilled in installing kidney-shaped pools and have an extensive portfolio to help you find the right design.

It’s a Flexible Design

Any pool is an attractive focal point for your yard, but a kidney-shaped pool takes it up a notch. It has a more natural appearance with all those curves, and it makes rectangular and square pools look downright dull.

Fiberglass pools limit your design options. You’re stuck with what the manufacturer creates. A custom kidney-shaped pool can be built to your specifications.

Did you know you can get more square footage of actual swimming area from a kidney-shaped pool over a traditional square or rectangular pool? And where you might not have room for a vast round pool, the curves of a kidney-shaped pool accommodate the available area.

Consider all the ways you can design your pool. It's one of the easiest shapes to fit to your specific property. A kidney-shaped pool is a perfect foil for luscious landscaping or a handsome deck.

Kidney-shaped pools are excellent candidates for an infinity edge or attractive deck. It’s easy to build a grotto or other water feature into a kidney-shaped pool. Let your imagination run wild. 

Browse through our projects, let the possibilities inspire you »

It Fits Any Environment

A kidney pool looks right at home in any setting. Do you want an indoor pool? Do you want to feel like you are sitting on a Mediterranean patio or exotic garden? A kidney-shaped pool provides the perfect pallet for any type of landscaping flowers, shrubbery, and grasses.

This pool shape looks more natural than square corners and straight edges. Imagine lying on a chaise lounge next to a gently curved pool surrounded by hydrangea or pampas grass. Consider how private and relaxing a pool surrounded by vegetation can be. That slight indentation in the side? Perfect for large potted plants and trees.

Alternatively, a kidney-shaped pool enhances open spaces. Do you want your pool to reflect an uninterrupted sky? Maybe you prefer the clean look of a sprawling deck filled with chairs and an outdoor kitchen. That curvy beauty would fit right in.

The Natural Shape Complements Any Architecture

It won't matter whether you have a simple A-frame house or a Victorian mansion, square architecture, or round. A kidney-shaped pool will appear natural in any setting. If you have a property full of plants and trees, a curved pool is easy to install without disturbing too much of the ecosystem or landscaping.

A kidney-shaped pool looks terrific at any size. A small pool is a soothing addition to a snug area, while a sprawling pool fits perfectly in a large yard of any shape. You can bend it around the corner of the house or deck, or you can lay it out to look like an inviting swimming hole in the corner of the backyard.

The placement options are endless.

Kidney Pool 2It Is Highly Functional

What do you want to do in your pool? With a kidney-shaped pool, you can do pretty much anything you want. The shape adapts well to a shallow and deep end, with the indentation clearly marking the division. If you want a diving board or slide into deeper water, it's no problem. Swimming laps remain an option, even with the curved sides.

They are perfect for embedding a spa or hot tub. Adding features to this pool is limited only by your imagination.

Also, water circulates better in a curved pool. The water will be the same temperature throughout.

Maintenance Is Easy

Kidney-shaped pools don't gather debris around the edges or corners because there are none. Your builder can advise you on the best type of cover. You don't even need professional installation if you decide on a solar cover.

Safety nets, leaf covers, and winter or shutdown covers should be custom-made for the pool, so get a professional if you go that route.

There’s a Kidney-Shaped Pool for Your Budget

The cost of any pool varies with the design, levels, and customization. Because a kidney-shaped pool is so flexible and versatile, you can create a design that won’t break the bank.

However, if you want to splurge, there is no end to the added features that look terrific with this pool.

  • Diving board
  • Slide
  • Waterfall
  • Steps
  • Pool-side bar
  • Side chairs
  • A painted mural on the bottom or sides

Kidney-shaped pools take on any aesthetic and reflect it back. With a waterfall or infinity edge, you get not only an attractive pool, you have the soothing sound of tinkling water. Music to your ears!


There you have it

Seven reasons for considering a kidney-shaped pool design. It provides lots of flexibility in size and shape. You can quickly identify the shallow and deep ends if you have them. It looks more natural in any setting, providing the aesthetic of a woodland pond rather than a synthetic construct.

Kidney-shaped pools have been popular for a long time, primarily due to their exceptional flexibility and functionality. Few pool shapes provide a canvas for anything from landscaping to a highly trafficked patio or relaxing deck.

If you think a kidney-shaped pool is in your future, contact the Selah Group. We have plenty to show you.


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